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This page is all things related to Watchtower Library.   Ranging from getting WT Lib onto your smart phone to other programs that work with Watchtower Library, we have combined several pages from our old site into a single categorized page of links.

Here are links for putting Watchtower Library onto your iPhone, iPad, iTouch, Android devices, PDAs, Smart Phones, tablet or other hand-held device.

The first thing to note is that Watchtower Library in the strictest sense of the word does not work well on hand-held devices.   Using a commercial product, iSilo, one can load the publications and search them individually.   Currently there are NO sites providing these files directly and information is getting hard to come by.

We're all aware that the main site has been revamped.   You can visit (stands for Watchtower On Line) and search the Bible, Insight and the Watchtower and Awake! back to 2000 on line.   This may be a better alternative than purchasing iSilo.   Of course, it's also possible to copy & paste material from Wt Lib on your desktop machine and send it to your smart device.

Watchtower On Line - Watchtower On Line (Official Site).   Search using any Internet capable device, phone, table, laptop, desktop anything with a browser in it.   Currently supports many languages with new ones being added almost daily.   This is a great way to search for Biblical material with a portable device.   We use this all the time, especially with the new JW Library "app".

Meek Space — A site for help and discussions regarding hand-held devices and their theocratic uses.   It may be possible to obtain the iSilo files for WT Library here, but it can't be guaranteed.

WT Lib for PDA - Other Languages — A blog with information on how to convert your copy of WT Lib (in languages other than English) so that it will work with a PDA.   Last updated in 2009.

This forum link is a secular site (ie, not operated by brothers)

iSilo Forum - Religion — This is a forum devoted to iSolo files and getting them onto hand-held devices.   The link takes you directly to the section where there are discussions on how to accomplish this for Watchtower Library and various hand-held devices compatible with iSilo.   Registration is required.   Be prepared for some rough language in this forum.   Parents strongly cautioned.

This category of links to sites offering help getting Watchtower Library working on a MAC is provided for convenience only.   Please do not contact us with MAC questions as none of the brothers associated with TheoShare has any experience with them.   The sites listed may or may not be able to provide individual assistance.

Watchtower Library on MAC (site name) — This site has details and downloads to enable Watchtower Library on a MAC.   This site has a new link for 2010 Watchtower Library information as of 4 Jan 2011.   A check in December, 2013 indicates the site has not been updated in a while, but does have videos and should still work for the 2012 version of WT Library.   We're not sure since we don't have a MAC to test with.

Watchtower Library on a MAC — Site discontinued and domain no longer exists.

Using Watchtower library on Linux.   Many thanks to a visitor who provided some recent information to get Watchtower Library 2013 running on Linux under WINE.   It seems it has gotten very easy so if one is inclined to give Microsoft the boot, give it a whirl.   Our visitor assures us it's very easy.

WINE HQ / Watchtower Library a sub-site under WINE Headquarters where a group of brothers maintain information about getting Watchtower Library running on Linux using WINE.   The site has test data back to the 2001 version and has current data on the 2013 edition just received.   Seems Linux is a strong contender for an alternative to Windows and WT Lib runs just fine.

These links point to sites that offer either services or software for use with Watchtower Library but are not easily classified.

Watchtower Library Send Button — A retired brother has written a nice "send" button program for Windows desktop machines.   In years past Watchtower Library had a convenient "send" button that would push highlighted text directly into your word processor when preparing for talks, doing research, etc.   This program duplicates that capability.   The page has other information so look about the middle of the page or do a find on "library".

Theocratic Research Utilities — (TRU) is a collection of freeware programs that work with the Watchtower Library to make your personal Bible research more productive and enjoyable.

Following many requests for this information, we've finally found a tutorial describing in step by step fashion how to install Watchtower Library onto your iPod, iPhone or iPad using iSilo.  The link takes you to his homepage and follow the menu item "Watchtower Library for iOS"

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