Theocratic Desktop Software

The page contains links to theocratic software that runs on desktop computers, mostly Windows but will include MAC as they are found.   No tablet or phone apps are shown on this page.

Theocratic Freeware

A number of brothers offer freeware software for download and use by the brotherhood.   These programs are almost always copyrighted by the brothers who wrote them, so it's not proper to host them on other sites.   But there is no charge for the software.   Some brothers in the group have a link on site where users can make contributions but these are not required.   Some have no such link at all.

Lee Andersson— Has a nice Watchtower Library "send" button program for Windows.   A cute Android Bible name game and some other technical information.

Service Pioneer — A program for pioneers (or publishers) available in French, English and Spanish from this site in Canada.   Now features JW Territory Manager a territory app for Android tablets.  Free but accepts donations via a button.

CIBPM Plus 2.0 Multilingual Territory— Can keep a record of areas of your territory of all non-assigned language territory and a better way to track who’s making territory updates in a multi-user environment.

WiNTM/TSWIN — Free programs for TM School overseers.   Also links to accounts and literature software.   English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Swedish and other languages supported.   This one has been around a while and is very good.   Highly recommended.   Here's the language list current as of March, 2010.   dansk; Deutsch; English; Español; Français; Hrvatski; Italiano; Kiswahili; Magyar; Nederlands; Polski; Português; Româna; Pycc?om; Suomi; svenska; Türkçe

Congregation Publisher File — Software designed to help congregation secretaries and service group overseers.   DOS based but runs fine under any version of Windows including XP, Vista and Windows 7.

From the site:   Congregation Publisher File, computer software designed to help track publisher activity within a congregation.   In addition to providing in-depth publisher analysis for service overseers, congregation secretaries will appreciate CPF’s support of the Society’s S-1 and S-10 reports.   Perhaps the most powerful aspect of CPF is its ability to generate a wide range of custom-made summaries at a variety of levels.   Would you like to know exactly what the congregation and each field service group did last month?   Or over the last 6 months?   Would you like to know what the elders and ministerial servants did over the last 6 months?   Or how each pioneer is doing so far for the service year?   CPF can provide answers to these and many other questions.   (Freeware provided by brother Ron Anderson for 20 years)

Theocratic Software (Italy) — Ministry School and Congregation Accounts software, supports English, Spanish and Italian languages.   The programs install easily.   Some of the prompts are difficult to understand in the English version.   Probably of more use to brothers in Spanish and Italian locales.   Hosted by an Italian brother.   All the software has been updated to the 2007 MS Office look with a ribbon bar at the top.   Newly updated December, 2013   Main page is in Italian but has buttons at the bottom for English and Spanish.

Territory Organizer — Hosted by a brother in Florida, the Territory Organizer Version 2.8 fully supports English and Spanish and can also print in French and Portuguese.   Version 3.5 is now in English, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, French and can print in Portuguese!   Uses the .NET framework 2.0.  Also has Pocket Territory Organizer 1.2 which works on PDAs using Windows Mobile 5.0.   Note: As of March, 2010 does not work with SMARTPHONE

My Service — A freeware program for managing records of your field ministry activity.   Using a standard Microsoft Access database, we have tested this one and found it easy to use.   Highly recommended for everyone who like to track their progress and goals in the ministry.   Works on Windows XP through Win 7.   Now features an Android app version as well

Theocratic Tools — Theocratic Tools includes a variety of useful tools, including a sound console recording and song playback system based on Linux and designed to have low hardware requirements and be simple to use. We're also working on a point-of-interest database.   Hosted on Source Forge indicating source code should normally be available as that site is devoted to Open Source projects.

JWDownloads.Com — Software to help track Service Activities; Meeting Attendance; Study Habits.   Has materials available in English, German (Deutsch), Spanish (Español), French (Français), Italian (italiano) and Dutch (Nederlands).   Seeks help in translating his offerings into other languages.   Not easy to classify as he has software for territory management, the literature counter, sound schedule, Scripture Flash Cards and the SMS for both desktop and Windows Mobile.   Something here for just about any of Jehovah's Witnesses.   Based in Hong Kong.

TheocBase — Software for scheduling: Congregation Bible Study, Theocratic Ministry School, Service Meeting and Public Talk.   Available in these languages: Afrikaans, Croatian, Danish, Dutch, English, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Slovak, Spanish and Swedish.   Actively seeking bi-lingual volunteers to support more languages.

Literature Soft — Site discontinued and domain no longer exists.

Palm Bible for Jehovah's Witnesses — Site discontinued and domain no longer exists

Theocratic Shareware and Donationware

There are a number of sites operated by brothers who offer software for sale that is theocratically themed.   The method of payment varies, with some expecting a specific amount (shareware) and others who offer the software and have a donation link on their site for those who use the software and find it useful.   We call this second category donationware.   Some sites fall between these two which makes them a bit hard to classify, so they are all here together.   The basic idea behind this grouping is that there is some monetary compensation for the software either expected or voluntary.

Kingdom Hall Schedules by Majestic Software — Designed specifically for elders and ministerial servants.   Includes support for Public Talks, Speakers, Publishers, Congregation Field Service Activity, Field Service Groups, Congregation Bible Study, Theocratic Ministry School, Service Meeting, Territories, Sound, Stage, and Cleaning schedules.   Exchange data with other users, export reports to PDF, Word, Excel, RTF, HTML, or OpenOffice formats.   Email reports directly from the program via Outlook, Gmail, or SMTP. (donation-ware)

Kingdom Media Center — is a Windows based application that is used to playback MP3 music and record meeting content to MP3 files.   The site (online since 2008) includes instructional videos, parts list on how to build the center and other useful information.   Includes a link for sending donations.

Theocratic Software — We list this site among donation ware, but the site really has only a link where donations can be sent.   The site's owner encourages donations to the world wide work but does accept donations too.   It's difficult to classify this brother's site, as he's quite busy and has a lot of programs appealing to a world-wide audience.
His software includes

    Public Talks for talk coordinators can sync with other users of the software as well as Outlook's calendar
  • Meeting Schedule Assistant 2011 create a simple report for various KH assignments, sound, platform, microphone, attendants, etc.
  • Visits Rota - Help prepare simple schedule for visiting elderly infirm and shepherding calls
  • PTS Import - import data from DBF files used by an old DOS program called PTS
His site either supports or partially supports 17 languages.   A visit is encouraged to view everything there.

Theocratic Ministry School TMS Software —This program has been created from the ground-up to facilitate the new arrangement of the Theocratic Ministry School schedule changes.   TMS 2011 provides the basics that every School Overseer needs without being overwhelmed by hundreds of options.   It is the essence of simple design.   Activation is required and donations accepted.   Be sure and read the FAQ section.   Languages supported are: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Simplified Chinese.

Service Record by Savard Software — A program to help track your field ministry.   Has other shareware programs for secular tasks.   Also has some freeware.   Version 5.x is a completely new release.   It has been redesigned from the ground-up to be a more intuitive, modern program. (Shareware)

TMS Explorer 2014 by TMS Ware — A program ($25 USD annually) for the Theocratic Ministry School Overseer with these features: Keep track of your students, their talk history, study points, setting history;   Schedule the assignments; Print the assignment slips - just load the blank slips into your printer and click; Print the schedule to post on the information board; Print a handy worksheet for use during the school . Latest version is fully Unicode compatible so any language can be supported.

Congregation AccountsNeat Easy Accurate Timely Accounting.   A set of spreadsheets with macros to help manage congregation accounting.   Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and also for Australia and all of the UK.   The prices range from $14 to $19 and include free support.   We heard from a new user recently (June, 2011) and he really likes this spreadsheet.   He reports it's quite useful for the brother in charge of accounts.

Software for Theocratic Uses — Software for scheduling public talks (unique feature is sharing data with other users of the same program) and congregation talk timer.   Although the software is essentially free, the site does have a donation button, which is why it's included in this grouping of links.

Speaking Bible - Site discontinued domain for sale