Ministry Supplies

Ministry Supplies Bags and Accessories for our public Ministry
This page links to business operated by brothers and sisters (some in the foreign field serving as "need greaters") who operate a business specializing in supplies for the ministry, including ministry bags, protective covers for literature and other accessories that are useful in our door to door ministry.

There are far too many products for this description.   Visiting the sites and doing a search may turn up exactly what you're searching for.

NWT Cover — A site operated by a couple of pioneers offering clear plastic covers for the "new" New World Translation released at the annual meeting last October.   They have just started operations and have some other products planned.

Mainely Books — A young sister makes customized Bible bookmarks.   We looked at her bookmarks and they are quite attractive and creative.   We really like the one with the slogan "A Bible that is falling apart belongs to someone who isn't".   She just opened up her shop in July, 2013.

PEGlala — This site offers some ministry supplies along with a whole lot of other things.   The list is too long for this page.   From her "About Us":   PEGlala™ was founded in 2010 by a sister who enjoys designing return visit books for herself.   Later, she began gifting return visit books to her bible students to help them be better organized and equipped for the ministry.   Our goal is to benefit you in the same way.

K. Grant Publishing — Is a site offering ministry products designed by pioneers.   (From their Website) Here at K. GRANT PUBLISHING we're excited to bring you high quality and stylish products to meet your needs.   We offer specialized products for Jehovah's Witnesses.   All of us are dedicated servants of Jehovah.   Our ideas and concepts are specially designed by pioneers.   The focus of our products is to help you organize and make your day to day ministry easier.

Custom Book Ribbons — A sister creates custom bookmark ribbons for your Bible, or perhaps you have a bound Bible/Reasoning Book together.   Or perhaps you use a large print Bible.   Regardless, her ribbon markers fit into the spine of the book and allow multiple bookmarks.   Great idea!   She offers free shipping worldwide.

Ministry Gallery — A witness site located in County Galway Ireland offering a variety of ministry supplies including bags, diaries, greeting cards, bookmarks and even book binding.   Prices are in Euros and their product line is too extensive to review completely.   Visitors from Europe are encouraged to drop by and see what all they have.   Medical alerts are also featured.   On the web for several years, we just found out about them in May, 2011

Neat 2 Carry — Supply bible and magazine covers, field ministry bags, return visit tablets and calendars as well as refrigerator magnets with printed verses

Ministry Ideaz — Supply custom leather products, specializing in protective covers for Bibles and Bible literature.  Operated by a couple in the foreign field at their own expense.   Pre-printed notebooks for conventions, including for children.  Too many items for us to list definitely worth a visit and they have been in business for some years now.

MJC Products — Calendars, record sheets, and a variety of binders to help Jehovah's Witnesses keep themselves organized.   Many languages supported as seen on their home page.   They specifically mention full time ministers.  In business since 1996.  Located in California.

WPI Service Supplies — A site operated by a pioneer couple.   They have a large variety of useful ministry related items.   They have book bags, convention seat cushions, organizer with attached holder for your Bible, coffee mugs and many more items of interest to all of us engaged in the ministry.   They also offer emergency/disaster preparedness kits and supplies.

Stoops Manufacturing — Site operated by a family in Missouri, USA.   They offer a variety of items as well as book binding services.   It's best to obtain their latest catalog by either emailing or calling them.

Richard Krispens Lederartikel und Bucheinbände GmbH — A brother in Germany who specializes in book and Bible binding, covers for the same along with a bunch of other materials including, games, DVDs, bookmarks, postcards, folders and service bags.   Serving the European community of Witnesses since 1971 and has products in both Deutsch (German) and English.   States in their about box that they do ship worldwide.

Theocratic Service Aids — A family in Indiana on the web since 2008 but just recently discovered by us.   Besides binding of Bibles and books, they offer service aids such as house to house record holders, a return visit binder, zippered leather covers for Bibles and books.   And some specialty items such as a "no blood" keychain.   They also have under arm magazine bags.   We have this link in both bookbinding and ministry aids pages.

NIAGRAPHICS — A witness family in Michigan USA who make monthly planners (low tech) and some other useful items.   We particularly enjoyed seeing their sticky notes for Bible studies.   Bold type stating "Let's Start Here" with places for the Bible student's name, chapter, page, paragraph and date.   Nice idea to mark one's place in the book being studied.