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  • Illustrations Library

    A labor of love for 24 years our Illustrations Library is without doubt the finest collection for use by our brotherhood. Click for details Read More
  • Notebooks

    Our convention and assembly notebooks in English, Spanish, French and Italian are popular downloads with 260,000+ downloaded in 2013. Read More
  • Brother Binder

    Brother Binder is a site we host for a brother specializing in spiral binding of Watchtower publications. Read More
  • JwSoftworks

    JwSoftworks is a site we host for a retired brother who writes software for elders and ministerial servants. Read More
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Convention Notebooks?

Do You Have Convention/Assembly Notebooks?

The short answer is "No".   For many years we have offered downloadable notebooks for assemblies and conventions, including versions for children.   Although it was appreciated, that chapter of TheoShare's history has come to an end.   Our source for good children's notebooks is no longer available and we haven't the skills needed.   Plus with RTF format programs from the Society's official site jw.org, it's short work to make them for yourself.   Thanks for all the kind words written to us over the years.


Frequent Refresh

During our buildout, do a browser refresh on the home page for every visit.

This will ensure our latest updates are visible; otherwise they may be hidden as the browser is loading from your cache.

With browsers this is normally CTRL + F5.   For tablets look for the refresh symbol and touch that

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Download Center

Our download center is now open again on the new site.

We have activated most everything except for the 2013 district convention notebooks which are pretty much obsolete.   If anybody wants one, we can email.

Look for 2014 district convention notebooks sometime in May

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The Sidebar

  • Watchtower Library +

    Links to sites offering services or software that function with Watchtower Library. Read More
  • Software for Elders/Ministerial Servants +

    Links for software to help elders and ministerial servants with their congregation duties. Read More
  • Latest Updates +

    This page contains the latest changes to the web site. Check here Read More
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