Bookbinding & Book Repair

Book Binding This page has links to sites operated by fellow Witnesses engaged in the business of bookbinding and/or book repairs.   It's common these days, especially in the US, to see specially bound songbooks, Bibles bound together with Reasoning books and other such items.   If you'd like your new songbook bound or the new gray Bible rebound with your name, one of these sites is sure to be able to help.

Besides binding and repairs many of these sites also offer ministry supplies.  We have put them here with binding as that seems to be their primary function, but in reality they could easily fit into both categories.

Brother Binder — A brother specializing in sturdy plastic covers with spiral binding for any publication produced by the Watchtower Society.   Can also find personal materials for special occasions.

S W Book Binding — A small family business located on the east coast that provides quality leather bookbinding for Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Custom Bookbinding Company — Joel VandenBerg, specializing in genuine leather binding of all Watchtower publications.   Plus they have book bags and other service supplies. A long-time Witness family who have been binding since 1980.   Located in Wisconsin.   Be sure and read their page on the Art of Book Binding

R. J. Schneider Bookbinding —   This Witness family has been in the binding business since 1973.   They focus on soft leather embossed binding with custom features.   Their binding style or technique involves binding books, as close as possible, to the Watchtower Society's style of binding, including leathers that the Society no longer uses.

JP Productions — Service bags, bookbinding, greeting cards and other items of interest. Also has some jewelry, including no blood medical jewelry. They even have toys for the little ones. Located in West Virginia.

Organizer Systems — Book binding and service supplies including vinyl slipcovers, personal service calendars and other such materials.   Located in Oregon.

C & H Bookbinding — Located in New York state, this site offers not only binding with leather but also spiral binding of our smaller books.   They're a bit of a cross over type site as they also have ministry and meeting supplies, including printed notebooks, binders for Kingdom Ministry and a few gift items too.

McKenna Bookcovers — started at Yankee Stadium as a family run business catering to a specialized need, offering a simple, yet indispensable product for today's activity in the field ministry.

JWBookCovers — A long-time witness family located in Tennessee (USA) specialize in custom, done by hand binding of Bibles, leather slip covers and Bible restoration.   Their samples show custom leather bindings including foreign languages.   Some of the most elegant leather covers we've seen.   They also do Bible restoration for those in need of such services.   Remember, these are not stamped out, but hand tooled leather covers which although cost more, will last for decades.

Richard Krispens Lederartikel und Bucheinbände GmbH — A brother in Germany who specializes in book and Bible binding, covers for the same along with a bunch of other materials including, games, DVDs, bookmarks, postcards, folders and service bags.   Serving the European community of Witnesses since 1971 and has products in both Deutsch (German) and English.   States in their about box that they do ship worldwide.

Don Tibbles Book Binding — A brother who has a very nice selection of leather bindings available for Bibles, Bibles and Reasoning Book combinations, Reference Bibles, Songbooks and other books.   On the web since 2000 but new to us, he came recommended from friends who have used his services.

Theocratic Service Aids — A family in Indiana on the web since 2008 but just recently discovered by us.   Besides binding of Bibles and books, they offer service aids such as house to house record holders, a return visit binder, zippered leather covers for Bibles and books.   And some specialty items such as a "no blood" keychain.   They also have under arm magazine bags.   We have this link in both bookbinding and ministry aids pages.

Bible Book Binding — New to the web since June, 2010, they specialize in binding all kinds of books and have a few surprises such a flip-over "God's Love" and "Bible Teach" in a leather cover.

International Binding Sites

Spiral My Stuff — This site has been discontinued.

Buckner Binding — Site has been discontinued, domain no longer exists

Bible Book Binding — Site has been discontinued, domain no longer exists

Bind m Boss — Link removed as they are no longer taking orders

Theocratic Bookbinding — Site has been discontinued, domain for sale