Theocratic Apps

This is our new "Theocratic Apps" page where we have categorized the apps into platform and function.   If you know of some we've missed, be sure and let us know about them.   We also show at the bottom some links that have been discontinued.

Hosted by TheoShare — This link goes to our page of hosted software including some Excel spreadsheets for congregation accounting and scheduling.   Newly updated May 8, 2014

A few links for utility apps like QR code readers and the like

QR Code Scanner If your device didn't include an app to install using QR Codes, then this free one from the Google Play Store is handy.   (Useful for installing JW Reader)

Apps theocratic purposes (study, fun, etc)

JW Library — The really big APP from   Unless you've been living outside the English speaking world, then you are probably already using this one.   We're eagerly anticipating the update to Android that Apple users have already received.

Bible Names game — A retired brother has written an addictive little game for Android.   It's not in the Play Store, but he has a QR code to scan and download with.   Your 'Droid must be set to use apps not in the store and you may need to open the file with the package installer after the download is complete.   A fun little game that the little ones will enjoy (we older ones too).   Updated during December 2013 it's now very difficult to win at the highest level.   You must have both quick fingers and get the right letters in the grid! (free)

Game - The Books of the Bible A game app that will help you to learn more about the books of the Bible.   It will help to memorize the order of all the books, who the writer was, or where and when it was written.   Priced at $2.46

WT Player is a Podcast Player designed to listen the content available on   Priced at $2.90

In Case of Emergency (ICE) for Jehovah's Witnesses is a complement to the ADVANCE DIRECTIVE card used to express our choice regarding medical treatment.   $1.45

Biblical Measures Converter is a app to convert Biblical measures such as talent into modern units of measure.   Priced at $1.28

JW Reader An app to download the latest Watchtower and Awake! magazines to your 'Droid directly from   Free   Works with PDF and does NOT support EPUB.   (Editorial: We use this little app on our android phone all the time.   Is able to quickly switch languages for the daily text and the Bible.   All materials are downloaded from so there is nothing objectionable about the app as far as we can tell.   Highly recommended for 'Droid users.   Get the QR Code scanner (see link above) if your device doesn't have one.)

JW Song Book a free app to download songs from   Also has a "name that tune" game for our songbook.   When the songbook hits the Android version of JW Library, this one is likely to fade away except perhaps for the game.

Apps for the Ministry - many platforms and devices

Android Apps for the Ministry

A few words of caution about the Google Play Store (formerly called the Android Market).   There are a fair number of folks who post demeaning comments about the brotherhood in the reviews section of individual apps.   This does not mean the individual app is a problem, just be aware that objectionable language is a fact of life.   Finally, these links are provided without endorsement unless otherwise noted in the description.

Service Notes is a app intended to replace written house-to-house record sheets.   Priced at $0.99

Service Time is an app designed for the Android-based mobile devices such as the T-Mobile G1.   Its purpose is to assist Jehovah's Witnesses with keeping track of various aspects of the field ministry.   The software is available via the Android Market in the following languages: English, Portuguese, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Hungarian, and Swedish.   Priced at $1.49   Developer's Home Page

Service Droid is a field service assistant for Jehovah's Witnesses.   Track service time, return visits and placements.  Free

ServiceTIME is an application to assist Jehovah's Witnesses with keeping track of various aspects of the field ministry.   This app is priced at $1.49

Ministry Assistant is another Android app for tracking field ministry activity.   The new interface takes some getting used to.   We actually prefer the older look and feel.

On The Ministry is an Android app to help easily manage and organize return visits, Bible studies and not at homes.     Find calls on the map, use GPS to take note of the address.     Manage activity and send monthly report by e-mail.     Cheaper than a notebook!!   Priced at $2.50

On The Ministry Lite is a lite weight version that's free.

JW Droid — Powerful service organizer for Jehovah's Witnesses.   Keep records, track statistics and service time, conveniently view and arrange territories and interested persons in an automated and intuitive way.   Unique in that this app is open source so Android developers can modify it.

My Ministry — Android version of "My Ministry" (see below) and priced at $1.50 USD.

My Ministry Assistant — An app that can track the entire family's activity in the ministry.   Supports English, Spanish, Italian and Hungarian.   Revised Feb, 2014.

Theocratic Study: Door to Door — Another app for tracking your ministry activity on an Android device. (free)   Author also has an app for downloading videos from but it's being sold for $1.00.

Pocket RV / Ministry Helper — A simple app to track your ministry activity.

Apple (iPhone, iPad, IOS) Apps for the Ministry

MyTime — is a program that is useful for Jehovah's Witnesses to keep up with our calls, return visits, literature placements, and field service time so that you can accurately keep up with your field service activity report for the month.     The link takes you to the brother's page on iTunes.     For FAQ, full feature list and submit requests, visit

Field Service Assistant — is an iPhone app for Jehovah's Witnesses.   It manages calls, placements and calculates time in the ministry.   Multi-user support with timers autofill and other automated features. Can be downloaded directly from the iTunes preview store.   Download Field Service Assistant from iTunes

Field Service Book — is an app for iPhone, iPod touch or iPad that is useful for Jehovah’s Witnesses.   Field Service Book is a powerful tool that makes task, Bible studies, Return Visit, and Field Service hour management simple and fun.   It keeps track of your hours of field service (daily, weekly and monthly), your Bible Study/Return visit contacts (Name, address, literature placed, remarks), and can create reminders or notes for you to use.   The Field Service Book application lets you store all of these information in a database on your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.

Apple theocratic apps (non-ministry)

Ministry School Timer — is an app for iPhone and Android devices and is intended for use by the ministry school overseer (or assistant) to assist in timing talks during the meeting.   Latest update is version 2.2 with background alert when timing is up and also vibrate mode for silent operation.

Windows Phone Apps for the Ministry

Witters World — is a site offering two Windows 7 Phone apps, TMS Tracker and Ministry Mate.   TMS Tracker is an app developed for Windows Phone 7 for use during the Theocratic Ministry School.   It shows the schedule for each week and allows the user to select which student is handling the assignment, along with the counsel point they’re working on.   It has a timer and email capability.   Ministry Mate is a theocratic app for the Windows Phone platform meant to be used by Jehovah’s Witnesses to organize and track their return visits and field service reports.   Follow the link below to download your copy from the market place. Witters World in Marketplace

Blackberry Apps for the Ministry

My Ministry is a Blackberry 10 app to manage your field service record keeping.   It's free and can be downloaded via a QR Code on the page.

Other programs for pocket PCs, Palm and Windows devices.

This section of links is to older apps for Windows SmartPhone and Palm devices.   Although the software is sometimes older, they still work for some devices.   If you have an older PDA then perhaps one of these sites can help.

My Ministry — A field service organizer program for Windows mobile devices.   Windows Mobile 2003 SE through 6.5   Also operates on desktop Windows.   Windows Mobile Smartphone 5.0 - 6.5.   Includes features such as Presentations; Return Visits; Service Reports and a Service Calendar.   Freeware and looks quite nice on the PDA pictured on their home page.   Newly released to the Android store as well.   This app is still being actively developed with the latest changes in late 2013.

Service Planner - Mobile Ministry — Complete management of your Field Ministry activity including return visits, reports, scheduling, maps and presentations.   Runs on Pocket PC with MS Windows CE 3.0 (Pocket PC 2000), Pocket PC 2002, Windows Mobile 2003 2003SE 5.0 6.0. Must purchase SprintDB Pro for the current edition ($32.89 USD).

Service Time on the iPaq — is an Excel spreadsheet for tracking your ministry activity on the iPaq or other Pocket PC using Mobile Windows PDA.   The spreadsheet sets the days of the week so the user can update it annually.

Thomoneil's Theocratic Palm — Neil Thomson's site with a variety of freeware Palm software.   Description from his site: Hello My name is Neil Thomson and I am one of Jehovah's witnesses and I love making palm programs.   The life of a witness is a very busy one so to make life easier I have made programs to assist in all features of our work.

Palm Theocratic Apps — This site has a batch of older (circa 2009) apps for Palm devices.   Everything from shepherding to tracking ministry activity.   Also some humor in his email portal.

Electronic Bible and more - this site is gone and the domain no longer exists

My Return Visits and Bible Studies - This site has been discontinued.

Tony's Pocket PC Programs - This site has been discontinued.

NWT Search has been removed.   And since the release of JW Library it was obsolete anyway.

Field Ministry iPhone Application — App is now gone